We know the benefits of peer support, and that our virtual friends are as important as those we see in person. So, we held our first Virtual Cuppa on Sunday 22nd March, and we will be running them for as long as we all need extra ways to stay connected. Everyone is welcome to join us.

How to join in

Our virtual get-togethers are every Sunday between 10am and 2pm (GMT) on our public Facebook page

You can join in the chat by adding a comment, or replying to others. Feel free to share a photo of what you’re up to: whether you’re in the garden, on the sofa with your dog, preparing Sunday lunch, or doing a jigsaw. Are you reading a good book, or watching your favourite film? We would all love to know!

There are only two rules!
1. Be kind
2. Keep safe: This chat is to support social connections, especially for those who are self isolating and social distancing. So, no comments dismissing the need for isolation please.

We all have a responsibility to protect, and look out for each other. We look forward to ‘seeing you’ on Sunday!