Flat Friends – Privacy Policy

All the information you give to us directly is confidential. We will only use your information in the way we tell you in this policy. All trustees and volunteers for Flat Friends UK are bound by this policy.

Our online platforms (eg Facebook, website) are not covered by this policy as any information you share through these can be accessed by members of the public. Please keep yourself safe online and think carefully before sharing personal details such as your address.

What personal information do you give us?

You may provide us with:

Your name, address, date of birth, contact details, and any information related to your diagnosis and treatment that you decide to share with us.

If you want to see what information we have about you, if you think that this information is inaccurate or needs updating, or you would like us to delete the information we hold about you then please contact us.

What do we use this information for?

You may provide us with:

We may ask you for your contact details as we would like to send you details about our charitable activities and how you can get involved. We will only do this if you give your permission.

We use the information about your medical history and location so that we can check that we are the correct support service for you (if we are not we will try and signpost alternative support for you and destroy the information we have already collected about you).

We will never sell or share your personal information to a third party.

We may use information you give us to help us see how we can improve our services.

Where is your personal information stored?

The personal information you give is kept private and is held securely.

Your personal information is protected from unauthorised access or use: information held electronically is stored in password protected files; and information held as hard copies is kept in locked storage. You information is only accessible by the trustees of Flat Friends UK.