Kayla Doohan, who’s been a member of Flat Friends UK since October 2016, and who was one of the youngest women with breast cancer in Scotland when she was diagnosed at just 20 years old, opened the Race for Life event in Holyrood Park Edinburgh yesterday.

Kayla went through breast cancer for the first time in 2005, and again in 2016. Both her breasts were removed in January this year as a preventative measure. Now 32, Kayla and her partner Paul have a three year old daughter Chloe.

Talking to reporter Diane King of the Edinburgh Evening News, Kayla said: “Cancer can be scary and we all go through days when it feels like life will never get back to normal again. When I first faced cancer, I’d only been with my partner Paul for about a year. I remember saying to him it was okay if he wanted to walk away but he didn’t. He’s been a brilliant support and stuck by me through it all. I asked my surgeon to take both breasts away. I just felt like I didn’t need or want them any more as they had twice tried to kill me”

“I’ve had my daughter Chloe to keep me smiling this year. I’m loving life as a mum. Chloe is so amazing and says the funniest things. I’m so proud to be there for my daughter and I’m determined to capture every single moment.”

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