Woman in red: Sarah proves that #breastfree is still feminine, flirty, sultry, sexy and still #allwoman

Flattering Fashion for Flat Friends

Flat Friends UK has teamed up with Flat Friends trustee and fashionista Sarah Coombes of Flatter Fashion, a website she set up to explode the myth that you cannot find great clothes if you do not have reconstruction – to share tips and photos about finding clothes that suit post-mastectomy figures, both those living flat and those using prostheses, more widely to our members.

The Flat Friends Flatter Fashion blog is a page on Flatter Fashion where the shopping experiences, tips and photos of members of Flat Friends are shared, each post focussing on a seasonal trend. It offers advice and secrets to looking fabulous across both unilateral and bilateral styles, and covers different ages, tastes, budgets, styles, shapes and sizes as well as bras and breast forms.