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Thank You for the Garden Party…

We all appreciate the help and support of friends when times are tough, and coping with treatments for breast cancer is no exception. So when its all over and life gradually returns to its new normal, it's nice to be able to say thank you to all those who helped make a difference. Which is exactly what Mary-Anne Darlow did [...]

Thank You for the Garden Party…2017-09-11T18:18:45+01:00

My flat chest is a huge part of my identity

In our latest blog, Sarah Coombes wonders why her health professionals don't seem to understand that no really does mean no... “Have you thought anymore about reconstruction?” Over two years after my bilateral mastectomy I am still asked this question by my surgeon and my oncologist. I am not sure what else I can say, how clear I can make [...]

My flat chest is a huge part of my identity2017-08-15T22:42:23+01:00

Flat Friend Kayla goes on Record

Kayla talked to Jenny Morrison at the Daily Record recently about dealing with breast cancer the second time around. In an article entitled "Brave mum Kayla says women shouldn't live in fear of cancer as she fights disease for second time" Kayla, 32, is upbeat having completed treatment again 11 years after her first breast cancer. Jenny writes "rather than feeling [...]

Flat Friend Kayla goes on Record2017-04-03T19:35:41+01:00

Flat Friends Flatter Fashion Blog – Spring 2017

Welcome to the second Flat Friends Flatter Fashion Blog! As you know, Sarah is an incredibly proud member of Flat Friends UK, and now some of our Flat Friends are contributing to Flatter Fashion each season. There are well over 600 members of the closed Flat Friends UK group, which means there’s an enormous amount of knowledge and experience of finding [...]

Flat Friends Flatter Fashion Blog – Spring 20172017-03-13T00:21:43+01:00

Fashion Flatters Flat Friends…

Flat Friends UK has teamed up with Flat Friends trustee and fashionista Sarah Coombes of Flatter Fashion, a website she set up to explode the myth that you cannot find great clothes if you do not have reconstruction - to share tips and photos about finding clothes that suit post-mastectomy figures, both those living flat and those using prostheses, more widely to [...]

Fashion Flatters Flat Friends…2017-02-04T19:27:30+01:00

He4dgirl: up front about living breastfree after cancer

Founder member and trustee Sarah is a 4x cancer survivor and photographer who blogs tweets and pins occasionally about her life. Here is a recent poem from he4dgirl... Days like these... Days like today, when veins are bruised and blown from cannulations, when smile is bright and wide to hide the misery of stupid little sodding hurts that make me want to [...]

He4dgirl: up front about living breastfree after cancer2017-02-04T19:27:37+01:00

Agenthood and Submissionville

Agenthood and Submissionville, is a blog started by one of our members here is one of her posts for you to read. Gone Dark Brown I’m not sure this will be my most profound post ever but I feel an explanation is due for this: I made a promise and I didn’t keep it. But I have a reason [...]

Agenthood and Submissionville2017-02-04T19:27:37+01:00

Coke Floats & Chemo

Coke Floats & Chemo, is a blog started by one of our members Yvonne who is the author of “The Special Parent's Handbook”, a practical, hands-on manual for parents with children with disabilities, based on her own experiences as a mother to 3 young people with difficulties. It's packed full of tips, tricks and strategies learnt the hard way. Yvonne [...]

Coke Floats & Chemo2017-02-04T19:27:38+01:00

Flatter Fashion

Flatter Fashion, is a blog started by one of our members after after having a double mastectomy without reconstruction. Her blog is about finding clothes which suit a body shape chosen by lots of women who have had a mastectomy: Flat! Choosing to live flat It is now six months since I underwent my bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction for [...]

Flatter Fashion2017-02-04T19:27:38+01:00