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Dorney 2017 – Duathletes & Triathletes raise £5,000

By Gilly Cant, Founder of Flat Friends... Wow, what a day of triumphs and friendship!! This years event saw nine ladies compete in various events, all to raise funds for Flat Friends UK. Five of those ladies are members of Flat Friends and four were friends or family who entered to support us. Angie Bradford and I competed in [...]

Dorney 2017 – Duathletes & Triathletes raise £5,0002017-08-03T20:11:09+01:00

“I don’t have breasts — so why do I have to pretend like I do?”

In an interview published in the Daily Mail last week, A-lister Kathy Bates spoke out about living flat, without reconstruction, since her bilateral mastectomy five years ago - as well as living with lymphoedema which developed as a result of the lymph node clearance. Flat Friend and blogger Kim Feast (@flatfabulousandlivingwithcancer) covered the piece on her Facebook channel and has given us permission [...]

“I don’t have breasts — so why do I have to pretend like I do?”2017-07-17T23:33:35+01:00

Jan Poole talks about Breast Cancer Haven

From an article in LIVE24SEVEN... Flat Friend Jan Poole talks about her breast cancer diagnosis and Breast Cancer Haven in  Hereford: Five of Janet Poole's aunts have had breast cancer so when she was diagnosed a few months after her sister it sent shock waves through the family. "Telling my family was the hardest part" recalls Janet. "I knew I [...]

Jan Poole talks about Breast Cancer Haven2017-08-03T20:09:05+01:00

Flat Friend Kayla starts Race For Life Edinburgh

Kayla Doohan, who's been a member of Flat Friends UK since October 2016, and who was one of the youngest women with breast cancer in Scotland when she was diagnosed at just 20 years old, opened the Race for Life event in Holyrood Park Edinburgh yesterday. Kayla went through breast cancer for the first time in 2005, and again in [...]

Flat Friend Kayla starts Race For Life Edinburgh2017-08-03T20:08:09+01:00

Bully starts mammoth cycle ride for Flat Friends

According to Flat Friend Sue Foster, Richard Bull - aka Bully to those that know and love him (that would include us then!) - is just a bit bonkers. "I've known this lovely man for years" she said, "they threw away the mold when they made him, he doesn't do anything by halves!" He sure doesn't. Today Bully and his [...]

Bully starts mammoth cycle ride for Flat Friends2017-07-24T00:23:11+01:00

Marathon Sarah

Sarah Coombes, Trustee of Flat Friends UK, reports on her recent marathon of a marathon in Brighton... "Soooo... I'd managed a few 10k races in the past, and raised money for various charities - but then I became a trustee of Flat Friends UK, and felt that I needed to up the stakes. Around the time of my last 10k, [...]

Marathon Sarah2017-05-15T18:41:28+01:00

Flat Friend Kayla goes on Record

Kayla talked to Jenny Morrison at the Daily Record recently about dealing with breast cancer the second time around. In an article entitled "Brave mum Kayla says women shouldn't live in fear of cancer as she fights disease for second time" Kayla, 32, is upbeat having completed treatment again 11 years after her first breast cancer. Jenny writes "rather than feeling [...]

Flat Friend Kayla goes on Record2017-04-03T19:35:41+01:00

A Matter Of Choice

A great interview on CBS News in America. We are really pleased that they included a link to our UK charity as a place to get help and advice on living flat. Picture from CBS News: "A growing number of breast cancer survivors are deciding to “go flat” and embrace their scars, even baring them publicly." Full story...

A Matter Of Choice2017-03-13T00:10:45+01:00

Flat Friend Kim dazzles in The Sun

This recent article featured four amazing women who live with significant changes to their body. Christina Earle writes: "Whether it’s wobbly thighs, small boobs or a mummy tummy, many women don’t like how they look. But spare a thought for these four girls. Each has a body secret that would hit most people’s confidence — but they don’t let it [...]

Flat Friend Kim dazzles in The Sun2017-02-08T22:08:29+01:00

Founder Gilly Cant talks about life flat after mastectomy

Kat Lister of The Pool Health interviewed Flat Friends founder Gilly Cant at the end of last year. In this eloquent article, Kat has captured the words and spirit of Gilly, Liz Powell, and one of our patrons Ash Subramanian with integrity and honesty. Read on... Why some women choose to “live flat” after breast cancer Breast reconstruction isn’t the only way to [...]

Founder Gilly Cant talks about life flat after mastectomy2017-06-26T18:28:06+01:00