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Fashion Flatters Flat Friends…

Flat Friends UK has teamed up with Flat Friends trustee and fashionista Sarah Coombes of Flatter Fashion, a website she set up to explode the myth that you cannot find great clothes if you do not have reconstruction - to share tips and photos about finding clothes that suit post-mastectomy figures, both those living flat and those using prostheses, more widely to [...]

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Roundup: Flat Friend photographers make headlines…

Today was a big day in photographer and Flat Friends trustee Sarah J Dow's world when she went live on air at BBC Wiltshire to talk about the Flat Friendship 2017 Calendar project. Its a must listen! (From 1hr 28mins in). The Wiltshire Times also covered the story... Jai Eastwood, a photographer and Flat Friends member from South Wales also created [...]

Roundup: Flat Friend photographers make headlines…2017-02-04T19:27:31+01:00