Welcome to Flat Friends

Flat Friends supports women who have had mastectomy surgery and live without breast reconstruction, including those who may face such decisions now or in the future, due to either a breast cancer diagnosis or preventative surgery.

We currently have a closed Facebook group which provides a safe, private, respectful and mutually supportive place for women to come together and talk about practical and emotional matters related to living flat, including clothing, cancer treatment and relationships in everyday life.

Join us via our public page on Facebook, from which you can reach the closed group. We know you will find a warm welcome and plenty of advice to help you on your journey. Or you can email us via support@flatfriends.org.uk.

Latest Blog Posts

Flat Friends Triumphant at Dorney Lake

Mr Bolt, watch your back, these girls are riding your slipstream! Team FFUK completed triathlon and 5k run events at the olympic lake in Eton Dorney today, virtually all of them first timers but with the kind of grit and determination that, trust me, if they actually decided they WANTED to run a marathon? Well, you'd need more than a few of those tasty meals you keep talking about to [...]

The Conversation Needs to Change…

Flat Friends founder and chair Gilly Cant attended The Association of Breast Surgery annual conference in Manchester this week to talk about the need for patient choice when it comes to breast surgery, and to co-present the results of a recent study that looked at this issue from the perspective of patients, surgeons and breast care nurses. She said: "Every patient is unique, and if the choice for some is [...]

FLAT and fabulous in That’s Life Magazine – meet our very own Sally Anne Watkiss

  Sally Anne Watkiss has written a great article  about choosing to be Flat and Fabulous in Thats Life magazine this week: Undergoing a mastectomy prompted Sally-Anne to make a brave decision... "As I leant across my desk at work, I felt an itch under my left arm. Reaching to scratch it, I froze. There was a lump. But back at at home, I dismissed my fears. 'It's probably just [...]