Welcome to Flat Friends

Flat Friends UK is dedicated to supporting women who have had mastectomy surgery without breast reconstruction, including those who may face such decisions now or in the future, due to either a breast cancer diagnosis or preventative surgery. We see living breast free as a positive choice.

We have a closed Facebook group which provides a safe, private, respectful and mutually supportive place for women to come together and talk about practical and emotional matters related to living flat, including clothing, cancer treatment and relationships in everyday life.

Join us via our public page on Facebook, from which you can reach the closed group. We know you will find a warm welcome and plenty of advice from many loving voices of experience and arms of support. Or you can email us via support@flatfriends.org.uk.

Woman in red: Sarah proves that #breastfree is still feminine, flirty, sultry, sexy and still #allwoman
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  • Sarah (right) shows off a peachy number for June of the Flat Friends Calendar which was shot in 2016. Image by Sarah J Dow

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